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Stencil the walls of your home!

Stencil the walls of your home!

Finally getting around to refreshing the look of your home!! Well here is something for everyone in the family, being big or little!!!

If you want to excite the look of a blank wall, get the children or nephew and nieces, to design and cut out some stencils so you can put them onto the wall, and make their creations apart of your family home for everyone too see! 

You can place the stencils on the wall and paint or spray paint what ever colour you desire, depending on the look you are going for or you could even simply stick the stencil onto the wall to show the image. 

Also, if you would like to have moveable art, why not grab a couple of blank canvases from any cheap retail store - (Spotlight, Sams Warehouse, etc) and stencil those.... 


So, for you own unique and fresh look! Start designing and cutting out your very own stencils. 




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